Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What customer service?

What is customer service???

Well, according to Wikipedia, Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. (Scott,2002) and one of the definition by "Customer Service is a phrase that is used to describe the process of taking care of our customers in a positive manner"

and guess what? 2 banks that i came to know off, doesn't provide me with the 'customer service' that i feel i should deserve!and yes, i'm very frustrated and annoyed over that fact...

Head on over to Charis's blog to read about our 'adventure' in a bank near our college that starts with a CAPITAL C!

OMG~ i was bout to kill on that day. Even the teller/officer behind the counter is not so friendly. It's freaking early in d morning, and the least you could do is smile to your customer despite the age/occupation/status! *gah!*

Anyways, some notice on their board caught Charis's eye..guess what?

In case you can't see it... it reads

" Notice
All cash deposits must me made through tellers or cash deposit machines (If available)"

ME MADE?! wth is that? u tell me?
besides are there any other way to deposit cash? pls enlighten me, because i only know this two methods..

And today....i called a certain bank starting with the CAPITAL "P"
called the toll free line to inquire about shyt!
so i spoke to the officer and told him the scenario,the person told me to call the main branch - they would be able to help me...and he supplied me with a number....
so i was still feeling fine.
and so i thank him.

called the so-called main branch, and ask to spoke to the SAVINGS OFFICER...
the 'director of 1st impression' (if u don't understand this refer to this post) passed the line to a 'god-knows who', so i repeated my 'problem' to him....he put me on hold, and i was then again passed to another person in which i have to repeat the whole stupid story again. Then the fella say i have to call the branch where i had my acct, and speak to the officer there and not she gave me another number....

FINE! i call~

director of 1st impression: P*Bank good afternoon.
Me: Hi, can i speak to your savings officer?
director of 1st impression: please hold on.
Me: thanks.
*waits for 323538223645630 mins,sum1 pick up the phone and put it dwn again, and i waited for another 937458357203823529 mins - and the line went dead*

FREAKING PISSED NOW RITE?! (i bet those of u who are reading, are pissed liao)


another director of 1st impression: P*Bank good afternoon.
Me: i called earlier to speak to a savings officer, ur colleague put me on hold until MY line cut off!.
another director of 1st impression: er...savings officer is it?
another director of 1st impression: hold on please.

*on hold for another 93732562365236529356295min* and finally some dingbat pick up the phone!

officer: hello?
Me: Hi, is this the saving officer?
Officer: on leave lar -or something along those lines-
Me: who can i speak to regarding saving account?
Officer: wat is it about?
Me: - repeat the whole story again-

**and i decided to censor the rest of the convo as it is P&C**

Now u tell me! what customer service?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Caroline~ pa pa pa~

Charis is about to kill me, because i've been humming this beautiful tune (and singing some parts) throughout the time she's with me. And when i have the chance, i'll play the idea why, but i'm so addicted to this song suddenly!

It's so sweet!

Aliza suggested that i change my name to Caroline, so that baby could sing it to me
den i said
"he can change the song to suit me wat, it's all about creativeness. He could use "Sweet Jas-lyn' or "sweet Kar Yee"

Lol ite? :p's the clip~ enjoy ^^

credits to Rattus93

Oh peeps~ if u have TWEETER ...follow us! =) namely the 3 blind mice :p
Aliza, Charis and me~
you'll have a blast 'following' us :D

not me .:love:. U


I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Hey peeps~

Remember Project Alpha? The one awesome programme that I was blog-ing about sometime back?

Yeap~ it’s open for audition for the next season~

So if u have any blogger friends, or you are an outstanding, out-going, out of the world blogger (nah, juz kidding) – mainly just if you are interested, or you think you’re friend is... (Nominate her/him lar~ or convince him/her to auditioned themselves *winks winks*)

Hey~! It’s a great chance no? to be seen by many *triple winks* … ok lar~ not the type of fancy celebrity lookalike~ but hey, how close can u get, if not this? :D -check out their sponsors , be at ur best ;-)

So what do u have to do?

PREPARE a 60 seconds or less (one min or so lar) which answers to the theme….

How to submit? Here is how~ follow me easy guide~ =D

First, JOIN ruumz ; if u have an account already – just log in lor~ don’t go and get a new account ok? =,=

Second, you’ll have to join the Project Alpha ruumz group~ when you are there the option to join is located at the top left of your screen (I’m thorough, I know ;-) )

Third, Upload your awesome 60 seconds or less video to the “Auditions” album.

Fourth, provide a title and short description of your video –the awesome one :p

Fifth, go run, beg, bribe your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, enemies to ‘Like’ your video – it’ll increase your chances ;-)

Ofcourse there are terms & conditions ite? Check it out Here

Hurry and go do this man!

Prizes are amazing; if ur other half (bf/gf la) is a blogger, ask them to join…so u guys can enjoy together-gether :p LOL

Why I say so?
1st prize is 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Qing Ming [清明节] - my yearly tradition

Those who wants to have a brief idea of what i'm goin to be crapping about before reading on, please visit Wikipedia - Qing Ming Festival

Started of seriously early, k?
I woke up at 6+ and panicked, because i thought that it is a weekday and i'm late for class and all (see how classes drive me nuts?), den i calmed down and remember that today ish Saturday, and i have a long day i went back to sleep to get abit more wink~ =(

So anyways, went to 3 diff places today for the ancestor paying respect thingy...1st stop was Sau Seng Lum (SSL) in P.J, den was Nilai memorial park, and the third 1 was a temple in Salak South - sounds tiring ite?

Here are some pics of the day~

Preparations before leaving the house


Bro and i walk under the hot sun to get things that the adults 4got =,=

=) nothing is complete without a lil camwhoring :p

Oh~ my dad got his blackberry! and he allowed me to play with it the entire day! and wat was i doing? TWITTER~ :p *twit twit*...and caught it the act =p (guys! get twitter~ so i can tweet with u all! )

And i did not have my coffee fix in the morning, and dad was so nice to drop me in a 100yen shop so that i could buy coffee!

Thanks to this ice cream man, i didn't melt with the heat =p

this heat i mean,

Afta dat, we had to send Khai to Tmn Megah~ coz he has badminton practice....

check this weather out

Gah~ day ended with us eating in Fatty Crab restaurant in taman megah =p

I'm not typing much because of...

it mite be small~ but it's painful ok~
I'm a princess, and that gives me an excuse to not be long-winded on my posts :p

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lesson From a Donkey

Just received a forwarded email, and I find it meaningful, and true. So, I'm sharing it with you guys... =) see! I'm such an angel :D

Note: If u are the main author of this article, kindly drop me a msg, and i'll credit you =) i have stated, it's a forwarded email;so, i don't know who is the author. =)

Dear Friend,

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well.
The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.
Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway;
It just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him.
They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well.
At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly..
Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well.
He was astonished at what he saw.
With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing.
He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal,
He would shake it off and take a step up.
Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up
Over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt.
The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up.
Each of our troubles is a steppingstone.
We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up!
Shake it off and take a step up.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Take responsibility for your life.

Note 2: pictures weren't from the original email, if ur the owner of the pic, and want to be credited....again drop a note ;-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fancy job titles~

i have TWO vry funny lecturers this sem, and so far, their classes are enjoyable. Hopefully they don't decide to have mood swings, or i think I'll have hell...

trivia funny stuff of the day:

"it is a group work - no social loafing.
Anyone I found loafing, i'll cut u like a bread loaf"

Anyways...we just started organisational psychology today, it is also known as I/O. Guess what? we learned that by giving a initial crappy/not so interesting job a fancy name, it'll be able to raise workers' morale =,=

anyways, u can read this article if u wanna 'learn' more =p are some examples :p

  1. Barman - Beverage Dissemination Officer
  2. Shop Assistant - Customer Experience Enhancment Constultant
  3. Housewife - Domestic Technician
  4. Road Sweeper - Highway Environmental Hygienist
  5. Paper Boy - Media Distribution Officer

there are know asPolitically Correct Job Titles (click on the link to read more)

and here is more~ Pretentious Job Titles

the one that i like the best from Dr.P's slide today is...



Monday, March 22, 2010

A new start in psychology *winks*

Aaa~ a new semester begin today, and i hope it's once again a fun-filled, crazy, and meaningful semester...

guess how Aliza and I started out our morning...toilet trip..and this is what greeted us?!

Take a closer look!

I will not fall because the floor is wet!
I will fall because it's early in the morning and i can't see the freaking broom sticks, and i'll trip and fall!

Anyway..that's not the point..the point was i am in need of the toilet, and this is how they treat me! *poutssss*

SO anyways, this semester I'll have 4 subjects, and there are?

  1. Developmental Psychology
  2. Social Psychology
  3. Organisational Psychology
  4. Community Mental Health

and I only have two lecturers this sem =) so 2 subjects for 1 lecturer :D

1st period today is Dev.Psych with Ms.E, and she's funny..this is what happen during attendance taking :p

Ms.E:Aun Ali?
Students:Not here yet.
Ms.E:Male or female?

Ms.E:Lee Zi Heng
Archu:Kelvin.Not here yet.
Ms.E:this 1 male lar ho.
**note both of them were late, and not present during attendance taking :p

and Social Psych is taught by Dr.P, and she's more hilarious...

Dr.P : what about you.
Me: I'm Kar Yee
Kelvin: KarKee!
Me: It's kar yee *turns to Kelv* shut up...
Dr.P: ur name is karyeeshutup?! @,@
Me: =,='s just kar yee, shut up was meant for kelvin
Dr.P: curry?!
*whole class laughed!*
Dr.P: i'm sorry, kaaryee, it's hard for me
Me: it's ok , u can call me jaslyn.
Aun: or Miiki ( i swear everytime he uses that name,he sound like he's calling some puppy..and i'm not)
Dr.P: Jess.

Haihz~ y is it so hard to pronounce my name?

another scenario...Kelv's turn to intro

Kelv: my name is kelv, not so complicated like ayesha, aliza, and alyssa, or karyeeshutup and kailee...
Nat: y so troublesome *something along those line* juz say 'hi, i'm kelvin, and i'm transexual, no need so troublesome .."

everyone juz LOL-ed hard at kelv...deserve it for making fun of me =p

and me has lunchies with baby, charis and gave me this!

it's a packet of sweets from Japan, his coursemate gave to him :p
and it's with me now..buahahahah~!
Me will try, and let u guys know...heheh

thanks bwy, ♥ u~!


No Sweat

Is it me? Or is the weather nowadays just burn your skin? (even with the heat and all, I’m not losing any weight *sighs*)

I’m serious, that is what I really feel. Last time, I use to go everywhere with a sweater in my bag, and I’m constantly feeling chills.

BUT now?

Even in an air-conditioned room, and 16 degree Celsius I still feel the heat! Is that a nightmare or what?

One thing good about this weather *smiles*, is that when I go to gym… I sweat more!
Even though it doesn’t mean that I’m burning more fats – I feel nice about the sweat.


Mainly because it make me feel like I’ve accomplished something… well, the main goal of going to the gym – is to ‘work out some sweat’. So sweating A LOT after a gym workout makes me feel that I’ve reach my goal.

Laugh all you want, but remember I’m a person that lives in my own happy world – and as long as I’m happy about what I’m doing, it’s all that matters =D

But there’s a bad side to this….remember how we all avoid sweaty people, because they look dirty, and they smell? ( remember the body odour post?) Yeah~ so how to overcome it?

Drumrolls please~ *druuuuuuuuuuuuuuumroll*

Seriously, you’ll smell all nice *winks* (I’m using the gal’s version –but same same lar~)

Oh oh oh~ and u know what?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebration ver.2


My Brother's birthday~! and my baby had a new hair cut :D LOL
he look cho kewt~!


We had dinner in Sushi King, and the branch in Pyramid has loads of mirror! =D and mirror is all girls' best friend *winks*

Me are wearing top that ish given by jess's mom =)

Mom and Bro

Cake that we bought

and me bro with cake =)

Baby bought his friend to play pool with me brother, and i guess they had fun playing...but i was almost bored to death =( seriously, so mom and i went to watch the bowling competition that was gin on. The players were really really good ok, they either strike or have only 1 pin left. Even with 1 pin left, they manage to hit it! geng-ness~ Khai khai was also there to celebrate KH's bday, i have no pic of him, well...mainly because he doesn't like his pic to be taken? LOL~

that's all for now...toodles~


Love the world, Love Sloggi

What I love most about the World?
The beauty that it has to offer of course, without a doubt it's the Beauty of Nature, the colorful life that it has to offer, the calmness and peacefulness the World has to offer, and most importantly friendship,love, smiles, and laughter...

"a picture is worth a thousand words"
There are no words in this world that could describe all that i love in the world, i shall let some of the pics I like give u some idea of what it is like...

The Beauty of Sunrise, that gives life and hope everyday

With Sunrise, comes the warmth of the sun
- the feel of Nature's warmth

The Blue Blue Sky and White fluffy clouds that gives peace and bring imagination

The colors that the World has to offer, pink the color of L.O.V.E ♥

and green, the color of H.O.P.E~

Colorful things
that attracts attention

Above all the beauty that Nature has to offer, Friendship, Family, Love, and Smile and Laughter~

My High School buddies~ keep in touch with em until now, and i love them like they are a 2nd family

My Family members who love me (and vice versa :p)

My Baby who loves me, and treat me like a princess~

Last but not least, the smiles, laughter, and happiness
picture taken from this blog

So what does all those gotta do with Sloggi?

Here's the answer~

Sloggi's new Spring 2010 collection that is inspired to be ecologically-friendly, and comfortable enough for daily wear *winks*
isn't this great or what?

What are the lingerie made out of?
"90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) 10% Elastane"

FYI, Elastane is a synthetic fibre, u can read about it in wikipedia

best part, it's available in various sizes, so go on over to your nearest stores to check em out... or you can check them out in Sloggi's Official Website

so why do i love Sloggi? easy, because i love the world!
Sloggi offers lingerie that is nature friendly, colorful, and comfortable~

Now isn't that 'killing two birds with one stone'? Saving the environment, and having a comfortable and perfect fit~

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sorry, my updates are not so up-to-date. Mainly because I'm not well =( *sadness*

Anyways, yesterday is not really a nice day *ahem*.
Yes, it's my brother's birthday, but it is also the day of my 2nd sem results *cries*

But no worries!
I passed both my subjects! An 'A' for pets, and 'C' for motivation and emotion. And yes! i'm happy that i passed =)

So yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday, had dinner in Sushi King, Pyramid. Then the guys went to pool =)

Mom and I went to get the cake from secret recipe...

oh well, ofcourse there are pics taken, but i'll upload it 2moro. Seeming that i'm still sick now, kindly excuse my very short post =( *sadness*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

'why is it not a 5-star hotel' List

As promised, below is the list prepared by Jackson (my darling)~ have fun reading ;-)

According to hotel staff: “Y it's not a 5 star hotel”-
  1. Lack of gym facilities
  2. No swimming pool; “In this weather, who would want a swimming pool?” (La De Fern Hotel Staff , 2010)
  3. Some other things that I might have not heard.
Here’s MY list – Jackson’s 30 check point why La-De-Fern is not a 5 star hotel.

1) Lack of gym facilities
2) No Swimming pool
3) No Spa
4) Bad Number in Chinese-Skip (explanation: this no shall be left with no xcuse as it is a bad number in Chinese =p)
5) Room has no air-conditioning
6) Room’s mini-bar has no chocolates or snacks whatsoever.
7) Very basic toiletries
8) No complementary hotel slippers (Genting’s 4 star hotel has them *wink wink*)
9) TV has limited channels (Kudos on the nice flat screen TV though)
10) Hotel seems to be accommodated and served by the one lift only.
11) Room service food menu has typo; “Mushroom soup prepared by chep; who the f*** is chep?)
12) Managerial looking guy’s accomplice said the next day will be fully booked; my car could have drifted in their parking lot with ease, if my car can drift that is.
13) Room drawer contains no Bible
13b) Hotel staff mumbled something about non-existence scones during breakfast buffet.
15) According to 5 star perquisite list; room has no CD/DVD facilities
16) Limited morning breakfast buffet offerings
17) Room service is not 24 hours; (7:00am - 10:30pm)
18) The hotel website claimed that their rooms’ amenity includes a fully stocked mini-bar; fully stocked with 2 bottles of mineral of water it seems.
19) Baggage assistance cum valet staff is for show only.
20) Sound proofing wasn’t really that good.
21) No fan in the room; it’s not that cold in the night.
22) Bed sheets weren’t washed properly, there were stains!
23) Coffee making facilities in a quad-room only has 2 cups, 2 spoons, supplied with sufficient ingredients to make 2 cups of coffee, and 2 cups of tea.
24) After paying upfront, no confirmation documents were issued; given only AFTER checkout.
25) Hotel staffs were a bit pushy, kind of like MLM sales representative.
26) No indicator of whether the tap water is safe for consumption.
27) Hotel breakfast buffet seems to lack basic drinking water and jam for the pancakes.
28) Certain 5 star hotel prerequisites also lists a gift shop… but I guess the room painting counts as gifts.
29) Room lights were alright; however, adjustable brightness levels should be implemented.
30) The master key doesn’t open certain rooms; for a NEW hotel, with top notch facilities, this is a bit worrisome; random scenario: your baby is in the room, and you accidentally went out of the room leaving the key IN the room. Master key doesn’t open the room. Baby is cute.

BTW, the manager looking guy in charge claimed that they offer the “best steamboat in town, with the best price; really”. When asked how much, it is an ‘affordable’ RM30, using the ‘freshest’ vegetables. Yup, I totally believed him!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cameron Day 2

I shall let the pics speak for itself ;-) we all know that I'm lazy

we changed to another hotel on the 2nd day, as we can't stand the spook =( A reasonable price was given to us *winks* coz we are students~ :p again, if ur interested, the link is below ;-)

the room inHotel de La Ferns

We had breakfast in Tanah Rata..the place might look 'old' but it's superb ;-)
ever heard of antique? =p

became my new fav~ it's so awesomely delicious~ *thumbs up*
best part about this restaurant is that they are the only restaurant that serves 'strawberry scone'~! Very yummy and affordable

Events of the day include Rose Garden, Strawberry Farm, and Strawberry Moments~ ;-)

These pics are taken from the STRAWBERRY FARM~ =D
the place to the parking is real steep, and this is seen near the parking

Even on the floor, u can see Strawberries :D

=D all of us were being like small kids's really fun!
me and baby

Charis and Aliza

This is the yummy looking strawberries that we can a price *winks*

This is Charis looking curios...

This is Charis being possessive...understand the difference now? =p (pls dun kill me, charis)

This is Aliza trying to eat strawberries, and Baby trying to 'help' =p

Rose Garden!!! Nice place~

This is Aliza tryin to prove that there is 'someone' taller than her =,=ll

The 3 monkeys...2 versions =p

Yay~! Yummy food in "Strawberry Moments"

Strawberry coffee~ Mine!!! and baby's ofcourse. Aliza also ordered the same thingy =) and it's super-D-delicious *grins*

Chicken Nuggets~ Yummy and Crispy, nice on a cold in Cameron is superb

Tiramisu Mousse~ Yummy! as yummy as Tiramisu Cake...


P/S: i have to many pics! will update more soon...head over to Charis's blog if u guys want to read more or see more pics =)
Btw, up next would be "Y it's not a 5 star hotel" *winkies*