Monday, February 08, 2010

Tribute to Laika :-)

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Laika is the first Astronaut dog that has been send to space. We learned a little about Laika in pet behaviour studies today, and it is sad to hear that Laika has been put to sleep afta spending 10 days in space [not sure abt the credibility, as different sites state differently]. The time Laika survived in space is not the issue.The sad part was knowing that Laika might have had a painful death, as life support system was cut off in space...

Laika has been sacrificed for the development of SPACE!
and i bet the body is still sumwhere is space floating!
Poor Laika~

We all should love, and treat animals better from now on, as a tribute to Laika who had been sacrificed :-(
It is sad to know that Laika is used for experiment


Charis said...

Hey u took my line!!! Didnt quote some more!!

Jaslyn Miki said...

which line??? *blur*