Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Today, Charis thought me how to be evil while threatening a person; instill fear into the person. That is to threaten with a S.M.I.L.E

and I tried...


Archshanaa a.k.a Archu~ ^^

the scenario goes...

Aliza : Eh, Kar Yee, u don't want your modem ar?
K.Y : what do u think aliza? I'll kill you if u take it home...with my bare hands.
Charis: Yeah lar, u want to die is it? she'll have no internet the whole night.
K.Y : Yeah! with my bare hands
Charis: -goes on to teach K.Y that threatening is only scary with a smile- now, try again..
K.Y : Yes boss! Aliza~ Look at me :D
Aliza: No! don't want!

here comes the victim...

Archu : ^^ Kar Yee, remember to wear gloves ok?
K.Y : But why?! ^^ I love to see the blood on my hands ^^
Archu : @,@ Ok. *turns and walk away shocked*

K.Y: *laughs hysterically n proceeds to tell Charis the story*

Evil grin of the day~

picture taken from Here

Funny rite?! Lol~
See~ never to mess with girls *winks*
toodles~ (have to go back to journal reading *sadness*)

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