Saturday, February 06, 2010


Woke up early this morning *yawns* and I mean early, at around 6.40am~ Then i lazed a bit till 7+, and went to the market all the way in Cheras...*sighs*

Before I leave the house, it's important to grab a bite right? there~!
My lovely Kit Kat as me first meal =D (it’s given my neighbour as a souvenir)

Den in the market I have this nice noodle, which I so love, mainly because it’s spicy enough :D

We spent more or less 3 hours around the market area, god knows what my mom was doing, and she kept forgetting to buy stuff. Therefore, we’ve been going in circles around that area =,=ll

The weather is nice today … for laundry…not for mere mortals like you all =p mainly because I’m a devil, so I omit using ‘us’ :D

And so I came home and did some laundry, came home and wash baby and my new clothes :-)

I’ve gotten myself a pair of jeans form ROMP~! Nice colour, I so love it

(p/s : girls, buying clothes for guys = super fun~!)
(psst~! Baby, buy more clothes, coz I wanna go shopping for you with you~ :p)

We had dinner in SEED, mainly cause my mom tagged along, and oh well~ she’s not a great fan of cheese and milk :-(

Some pics~

From top to bottom : SEED cafe menu,restaurant area, entrance to boutique frm rest., and my FISH 'N CHIPS~

Btw, when my mom went to the ATM~ something funny happened~ Check this out.LOL

Why would any1 want to leave the ATM machines open, and set a tripod camera in front of it =,=ll

Super meaningless and funny~

Shout out to Baby: Thank you for the night out~it’s superb! Let’s do it more when …well….when my schedule is less hectic =( Love you~! *loves*

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