Friday, February 05, 2010

My 'Lui Lui'

"Lui Lui" means DAUGHTER in Cantonese, and in this post's context, it's my car~ yeap...U've read right...My car~ (the greenish proton)

It broke down on me yesterday, and I'm not very happy about it. I was practically fuming when I found out that my 'daughter' fail on me! The engine won't start, no matter how many times I've turn the key on the ignition; i even went to the extend of asking Charis to help me =(

Both of us tried for around half an hour or so, and in the end, Jackson came (all the way from his house) to try =( but it still won't work...

On a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being very gentle to 10 being very rough, I've tried from the scale 1 and slowly increase to 10! I think Charis thinks that I'm beyond mad =,=

In the end, after calling the mechanic and all, I have to abandon my poor lui lui in the empty car park of Pyramid for the night *sobs sobs*

Bottom : my abandoned car

The mechanic said that he could only fix it in the morning, so i have to leave my car there. To cut stories short.... they came the next morning - try to fix it checked a few things, started the engine and told me to drive it to the workshop =( and I have a group discussion at 12~! he assure me that he could get it done in time, so Charis accompanied me *pout*

and now?

My car is back home~!

**Many thanks to Charis and Darling Jackson for accompanying me, and of course doing everything you guys can to help~ ^^

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