Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

to all~
whether you are single, or u've found a partner in life.

This year's Valentines is clouded by another celebration...CHINESE NEW YEAR :-(
Not many take notice of the romantic atmosphere in the air *sobs sobs*

hehe~ Me bought a couple necklace for baby and i~ *grins*

Came home 2 days ago and saw this package~! was feeling so excited...

Inside the package...

Oo~ i like a sense of personalization....*thumbs up*

F.O.C Valentines Lollipop...My fav!

And this is wat i bought~!

This pic is taken from the blogshop with permission =D

The Dazzle Razzle is the place to go...if u feel like getting urself a pair *winks*

And in surprised me by giving me a bouquet of roses! I'm so happy! it's the 1st time he gave me real roses~! romantic isnt he?! :-D

last year's valentines? Hand folded roses...101 of em ♥


P/S: you guys should really think about dealing with the dazzle razzle team, they are really professional and efficient :-) and very patient too...coz i had 1001 questions and they answered all of it. They even follow up on delivery to see if anything happens...Now~! this is wat i call Customer Service ;-)

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