Monday, February 08, 2010

Funny Monday Happenings~

Fermented Tofu~
Ms.G was teaching us something about Cognitive Dissonance today. it's about how persistency in doing something an individual don't like would soon be instill as a habit or come to like it.

Then she went on to tell us about her personal experience with Fermented Tofu, she said that it smelt like she started with...

" My very first shit. I was in *insert country name*,and my friend insisted i should try this wonderful food. From afar, i could smell it, and i looked as if as though a piece of shit is coming towards me, and it is VERY BAD. - And i have to eat the shit."

=,= omg, her description of the fermented tofu should be heard 1st hand, it would be more hilarious...For those who are wondering wat fermented tofu is 'chou tofu' in

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credits : here

and ofcourse, the fermented tofu don't look this nice by the road side stalls =,=ll

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Kit Kat

Charis has been trying to be funny today :p
Lol...i took out at two piece Kit Kat, and told her

KY: Let's share.
Charis: OK.

**after awhile**

Charis: Kar Yee, am i suppose to open this?
Kar yee: Duh! den ? how to share? you finish the wrapper, den i eat the chocolate?
charis : How i know wor~ O.o
Kar Yee: =,=lllll

see~ funny ite? :D

btw, have u seen this much of flavours on KIT KAT?! @,@

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Charis said...

No, its not funny!!! and I really didnt know what to do with it!

Jaslyn Miki said...

LOL~ it's so funny ok =p
i should have juz record your expression for ur own viewing pleasure =p