Saturday, February 20, 2010


Got up real annoyed this morning, because my maid was complaining about Narla pissing near the stairs, and i must say that it's not Narla's fault. Apparently Narla tried to lead my mom downstairs, but my mum pulled her back up, so she couldn't hold it in and pissed. So it's not Narla's fault, because mom ignored her 'signal'

So anyways, My finals is up March 1st and 2nd, and mom n dad had planS (notice how i capitalized the 'S') Coz first up was lunch appt in my relative's house, den dinner with my paternal family =( to make things worst, mom wants to go O.U to buy pants =,=ll

So, i obediently got dressed and waited for everybody else *sighs*
I had to wait in the car under the HOT SUN; had absolutely no idea what my parents were doing, took them so long to get to the car...,
so i camwhored :p

and i got my bro involved *double =p*

First Stop? SDC Driving school~ registering for his driving license thingy.. and guess what was happening? Tadaa~ Lion Dance~! I din see even one throughout the CNY *boohoo*

One of the two 'lions'

The 'tung tung tung chang' crew :p

Next stop, My granduncle's house =D
These are the activity for the day ...

family playing 'cho dai dee'

Good Catered food :p

thanks to this catering service *winks*

Lastly, this 2 pics are dedicated especially for my sister, Dodo :p

Dad eating 'xuan chai'

and the pot of 'xuan chai'

Hehehe *devil's horn* that's my sis's fav dish, and she can't stick around to enjoy it (coz she needs to work) so being the 'kind n nice' sister that i am, i took pictures of it :D hehe~ and dad purposely pose for me to take the 'so yummy' scene :p lol...

After eating, the adults went back to their cards, 'blackjack' is the game ;-)
We left about 3+, and head to O.U...

This is me in the car, practically steaming, because the weather is so H-O-T

i STUDIED! in Old Town White Coffee with dad while waiting for my mummy :)

Then we headed to 'Cheras' area for paternal family dinner :p and this is...

Mum, bro and me~ :D

and the toilet~

this is the restaurant that we ate at,

Chinese New Year dinner won't be complete without 'yee sang' ite

And this is us in 'action',

and during dinner, i was bombarded by my cousin sista with 1001 questions =,=

P/s: I've been typing this post for ova 2 hours, as the connection is juz 'craptastic' sighs.~


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