Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Valentine Date

As all Chinese should know (actually, every1 knows), this year Valentines ♥ clashes with the 1st day of CNY *sads*

Coincidentally, today both my subject reports are due! so happy~! send it in...and Aliza, Charis and I went of to pyramid to hang out while I wait for Jackson.

The three of us went to pyramid in Aliza's car/baby :D
Once there, we dumped everything in the gym and start out on our wonderful cosmetic shopping! LOL....we went to BEAUTY CREDIT (it's in Asian Avenue) We went there mainly because the other day Charis and I saw a promotion for eye shadow goin being the nice friend that we are, we ofcourse told ALIZA! (gal, say thank u!LOL) so we went for the 'Buy 2 free 1' promotion...the colors are so pretty *pout*obviously I'll spoil the beautiful colors if it's on me.... *sobs sobs* The sales girl there is really nice, she helped us choose some colors and gave us advice, most importantly she gave us samples! lol~ so thank u~ even though i din get her name :D
We also went to get movie tickets, guess wat movie i chose for baby and me?


It's a good show (rating : 3 of 5) ..not gonna spoil it for u guys, but if ur interested to are some links ;-)

Percy Jackson the Movie
this site is interesting as you'll get to dwnload desktop wallpapers and stuff like that, and they even have a small game for u to "discover ur power" - so of course this is like the main percy jackson site :D

Percy Jackson in imdb
Our usual 'go to' site of imdb when it comes to movie :D

After the movie, baby and I walked around, hanged out in popular for abit and all (btw, charis and aliza watched all wells ends well...check out their blogs for what they think about the movie :D) We ended up in Fullhouse for a drink, and we bumped into Charis and Aliza =,=ll

After the 'tea', we ate in the Korean restaurant near the ice skating ring~ :D

**pictures take will be uploaded later, as i dun have my phone cable now~

I enjoyed me valentine date a lot lot
♥ u baby!

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