Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 2010 Day II

I just realize one bday this year will be ultra special.... 10th October 2010..which will be written as 10.10.10 LOL~! random...i know :p

So anyways, as usual...during CNY, my family and I will go house hopping :-)
get the ang pau(s) and the Junk food *yum Yum = drools* :p

This is my grandaunt and granduncle's house...their pond is juz's filled with tons of BIG fishes...

and my granduncle is a fan of chinese tea, and this is his boiling tea :-)

I kinda like all his tea sets...i would have my own collection in the future *winks*
and this is me~ camwhoring LOL~ this is my new top *grins* nice?!

After that, i went to Fiona's House~ Missed her so much...
Bern and Jess came shortly after me, and i was feeling so hot! because my top was not 'appropriate', i had to wear a jacket over it the entire time i was in Fi's house *cries*~

My dad came to pick me up after 45 minutes of being there, and i came home to prepare for dinner with my maternal family~ :-)
After dinner came the $$$ gambling time~ LOL Blackjack~
I won about RM100+ , and they were all buggin me to buy starbucks.Being the kiamsiap fella that i am, ofcourse i manage to dodge it :p

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