Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken I-pod

You guys have no idea how pissed i am at this very moment!
My 'awesome' brother has did it again~! Grrr~ Look at what he did to my kindness of loaning him my 'lucky ipod shuffle' which i won in some lucky draw....ggrrrr!

i wanted to skin him alive when i saw it on his table! grr~ but then he came to apologize and explain what happened, so i'm not so pissed dy...but still am..

the story goes,
" I left the ipod in my jeans, and my jeans on the bed, coz i dunwan to wash it yet. But kakak took the jeans for washing without my permission and she didn't check the pockets so that's wat happen."

end of story...

said bye bye to me ipod, as it cnt be charged at all. Initially, i wanted to punish my bro by asking him to get me a new 1...but..nvm..he apologized and that's all that matters, ite? ;-)

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