Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blue blue Wednesday

and I literally meant BLUE~ and here's the reason

Our whole roll came in Blue today~ so happy! My fav colour :-)
now i felt as though me looking like a clown on Monday is worth it...hehe

many funny thingy happen today in BOTH the lectures, and both relate to the 'three blind mice' very well (lol~ that's the nickname i gave Charis, Aliza, and I)

Ms G told us to look around us to see if our friends are physically similar to us, if one is short, the rest all short in the group... our row, all turn to Aliza (poor her) she's freaking tall...i think she was caught by surprise as her face was torn btwn wanting to laugh, and throwing out fire :p

den later afta break

Ms.C said "birds of the same feather flock together" (that's wat i usually say! I feel so wise :p)
Then again we look at aliza, as she is the outlier :p
Ms.C was also using physical description to relate looking for a group...

den den....OMG~ u should see Aliza for urself~
go to charis's blog, as my connection is not being nice today...

another funnny scenario:
Jessica driving herself home in my car, and my bro bought Starbucks...and he was talkin to my cousin at the backseat abt the food that he bought....den nearing a traffic light (the place was kinda dim) my bro reach infront to feed me some of the food...

Jess: What's dat?
K.Y: Shyt
Jess: @,@ what?!
K.Y: Shyt lar~
Bro: Wth!? I'm about to eat it.
K.Y: What?! I'm already eating it.

Jess: @,@
K.Y: want a bite? this is real good shyt!
Bro: *laughs* khai (cousin) is putting the thing in his mouth wen u say that
Cousin: *face looks unwell*

LOL~ Btw, the SHYT is chocolate cake :-)


Charis said...

Wow, I cant believe u actually ate shit!!! Must have tasted super yummy......

Jaslyn Miki said...

Hehe ^^
yeap~ super yummy ..!
must be SHYT from starbucks counter...the ones that u have to pay :p