Monday, February 01, 2010

almost accident~

Today, afta dropping Charis off, i almost had an heart attack! i almost ran into a poor dog on the road! Calm ur horses ppl~ let me explain, it's really not my fault coz

1) It ran out from nowhere.
2) I manage to swerve the to the next lane...and there was no car on the next lane (thank god!)

see! what all irresponsible owners have caused us? Emotional Stress! *starts grooming* I was so depressed afta that even though i didn't knock into the dog. Mainly because, i know it won't be safe for long, it didn't move away from my car, even afta i moved, it STOOD proudly in the middle of the last lane, and i'm very afraid that other drivers are not as lucky as i am.

And i also learn one thing from this accident, that people are not educated enough to respond to this kind of situation that involves strays. We were taught in school to send the injured person to the hospital or call for help in case of accidents with HUMAN...what about our furry friends? do we leave them to die? do we send them to vets? Must we risk our life in the process on trying to safe the poor animal (mainly because it is a road!)

If u were to asked me, i wouldn't have no what to answer, and i wouldn't know what i will do. For if i did not managed to move away from the dog today, i would have panicked and call the 'world'... I told my mom about the incident afta, and asked her what is it that I should do should I have knock into the dog...she said she's not sure either, "let's just hope no situation like that will happen again, and you won't have to deal with it." and sadly ..the search engine didn't do much of a help too :( probably because my keywords are not right.

Ok! enough of the sadness dy~ Guess what?! I wore a red dress to uni today ^^ it's red,Red,RED and i mean red yo~ LOL

The whole row of us were suppose to wear red, but only a few turn out red, and u've guess rite...i was the 'reddest' =,= i feel like i'm a clown! coz the dress is so red *runs and hide*

Red Dresses~ (mine is similar to the 1 in the middle)

credits to
this blogpost

Oh oh oh~ on another note...i would like to own a dress like this~!

credits to
this blogpost

Nice right? It's Blue~ too bad I will spoil the dress if I wear it :(

Owh~ we watched a movie in M&E lecture today, and i did not like it 1 bit *pout*

this is the poster of the movie , taken from wikipedia. I'm sure most of you know of this's really sad and disturbing you know, and i have to wear RED! (watch the movie and you know why im feeling so upset wearing red!)

If you guys have no idea what-so-ever I'm talking about this movie, and wish to find out, u can do so in

Btw, look what i found~ a pic of me in THAT RED DRESS~

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