Thursday, February 25, 2010

Second Number~ =D

Heyo peeps~
sorry for the lack of updates, as mentioned in the previous FINALS are approaching!!! *runs n hides* Sighs..neways, my brother got his new phone~ and this 2 days, he has been 'showing it off to me' =,= Grrr~

Anyways, i took his old phone, and i'm thinking to get another line for it....why?
S-E-C-R-E-T~ hehe~

NOW~ what should i get? :p

Oh ya~ !
this is my bro's phone:-)

Please bare with the silence in this blog for awhile~ Yours truly will be back! LOL~

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Got up real annoyed this morning, because my maid was complaining about Narla pissing near the stairs, and i must say that it's not Narla's fault. Apparently Narla tried to lead my mom downstairs, but my mum pulled her back up, so she couldn't hold it in and pissed. So it's not Narla's fault, because mom ignored her 'signal'

So anyways, My finals is up March 1st and 2nd, and mom n dad had planS (notice how i capitalized the 'S') Coz first up was lunch appt in my relative's house, den dinner with my paternal family =( to make things worst, mom wants to go O.U to buy pants =,=ll

So, i obediently got dressed and waited for everybody else *sighs*
I had to wait in the car under the HOT SUN; had absolutely no idea what my parents were doing, took them so long to get to the car...,
so i camwhored :p

and i got my bro involved *double =p*

First Stop? SDC Driving school~ registering for his driving license thingy.. and guess what was happening? Tadaa~ Lion Dance~! I din see even one throughout the CNY *boohoo*

One of the two 'lions'

The 'tung tung tung chang' crew :p

Next stop, My granduncle's house =D
These are the activity for the day ...

family playing 'cho dai dee'

Good Catered food :p

thanks to this catering service *winks*

Lastly, this 2 pics are dedicated especially for my sister, Dodo :p

Dad eating 'xuan chai'

and the pot of 'xuan chai'

Hehehe *devil's horn* that's my sis's fav dish, and she can't stick around to enjoy it (coz she needs to work) so being the 'kind n nice' sister that i am, i took pictures of it :D hehe~ and dad purposely pose for me to take the 'so yummy' scene :p lol...

After eating, the adults went back to their cards, 'blackjack' is the game ;-)
We left about 3+, and head to O.U...

This is me in the car, practically steaming, because the weather is so H-O-T

i STUDIED! in Old Town White Coffee with dad while waiting for my mummy :)

Then we headed to 'Cheras' area for paternal family dinner :p and this is...

Mum, bro and me~ :D

and the toilet~

this is the restaurant that we ate at,

Chinese New Year dinner won't be complete without 'yee sang' ite

And this is us in 'action',

and during dinner, i was bombarded by my cousin sista with 1001 questions =,=

P/s: I've been typing this post for ova 2 hours, as the connection is juz 'craptastic' sighs.~


Friday, February 19, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S ...A.K.U.M.A.(S)

Yeap~ You've read right! one hell bunch of Devil my high school gang... we did house visiting today...actually only one, coz i did one on the 2nd day of cny dy :-D

So anyways, i left home about 12+ - went to get Fi, and den head ova to Yuki's ^^
In Yuki's i went through almost 1 hour of torture, Uncle and Aunty Way was watching some show, and gosh! it was violent, i almost feel the pain of the characters in it, and worst part...good people die not so 'handsomely' *sadness*

After that, the gang moved ova to my place :-) On the way home, we got ourselves some...guess what?!

C-O-C-O-N-U-T~ Coconut~! the weather was absolutely a killa~!
Had loads of fun laughing and juz hanging out with em~

This is my two besties (fi and Yuki) buying coconut drink while i waited in the car =,= I r the driver...

took this pic while waiting for the besties

and this 2 are the other akuma(s), a 'dog' and a 'crab'...making themselves comfy on my bed =,=

and now....journal reading~ preparing for finals on the March 1st =(

p/s: and missing my baby ♥

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken I-pod

You guys have no idea how pissed i am at this very moment!
My 'awesome' brother has did it again~! Grrr~ Look at what he did to my kindness of loaning him my 'lucky ipod shuffle' which i won in some lucky draw....ggrrrr!

i wanted to skin him alive when i saw it on his table! grr~ but then he came to apologize and explain what happened, so i'm not so pissed dy...but still am..

the story goes,
" I left the ipod in my jeans, and my jeans on the bed, coz i dunwan to wash it yet. But kakak took the jeans for washing without my permission and she didn't check the pockets so that's wat happen."

end of story...

said bye bye to me ipod, as it cnt be charged at all. Initially, i wanted to punish my bro by asking him to get me a new 1...but..nvm..he apologized and that's all that matters, ite? ;-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 2010 Day II

I just realize one bday this year will be ultra special.... 10th October 2010..which will be written as 10.10.10 LOL~! random...i know :p

So anyways, as usual...during CNY, my family and I will go house hopping :-)
get the ang pau(s) and the Junk food *yum Yum = drools* :p

This is my grandaunt and granduncle's house...their pond is juz's filled with tons of BIG fishes...

and my granduncle is a fan of chinese tea, and this is his boiling tea :-)

I kinda like all his tea sets...i would have my own collection in the future *winks*
and this is me~ camwhoring LOL~ this is my new top *grins* nice?!

After that, i went to Fiona's House~ Missed her so much...
Bern and Jess came shortly after me, and i was feeling so hot! because my top was not 'appropriate', i had to wear a jacket over it the entire time i was in Fi's house *cries*~

My dad came to pick me up after 45 minutes of being there, and i came home to prepare for dinner with my maternal family~ :-)
After dinner came the $$$ gambling time~ LOL Blackjack~
I won about RM100+ , and they were all buggin me to buy starbucks.Being the kiamsiap fella that i am, ofcourse i manage to dodge it :p

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

to all~
whether you are single, or u've found a partner in life.

This year's Valentines is clouded by another celebration...CHINESE NEW YEAR :-(
Not many take notice of the romantic atmosphere in the air *sobs sobs*

hehe~ Me bought a couple necklace for baby and i~ *grins*

Came home 2 days ago and saw this package~! was feeling so excited...

Inside the package...

Oo~ i like a sense of personalization....*thumbs up*

F.O.C Valentines Lollipop...My fav!

And this is wat i bought~!

This pic is taken from the blogshop with permission =D

The Dazzle Razzle is the place to go...if u feel like getting urself a pair *winks*

And in surprised me by giving me a bouquet of roses! I'm so happy! it's the 1st time he gave me real roses~! romantic isnt he?! :-D

last year's valentines? Hand folded roses...101 of em ♥


P/S: you guys should really think about dealing with the dazzle razzle team, they are really professional and efficient :-) and very patient too...coz i had 1001 questions and they answered all of it. They even follow up on delivery to see if anything happens...Now~! this is wat i call Customer Service ;-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Here is wishing everyone

Happy Chinese New Year; Gong Xi Fa Cai
and Happy Holidays~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Valentine Date

As all Chinese should know (actually, every1 knows), this year Valentines ♥ clashes with the 1st day of CNY *sads*

Coincidentally, today both my subject reports are due! so happy~! send it in...and Aliza, Charis and I went of to pyramid to hang out while I wait for Jackson.

The three of us went to pyramid in Aliza's car/baby :D
Once there, we dumped everything in the gym and start out on our wonderful cosmetic shopping! LOL....we went to BEAUTY CREDIT (it's in Asian Avenue) We went there mainly because the other day Charis and I saw a promotion for eye shadow goin being the nice friend that we are, we ofcourse told ALIZA! (gal, say thank u!LOL) so we went for the 'Buy 2 free 1' promotion...the colors are so pretty *pout*obviously I'll spoil the beautiful colors if it's on me.... *sobs sobs* The sales girl there is really nice, she helped us choose some colors and gave us advice, most importantly she gave us samples! lol~ so thank u~ even though i din get her name :D
We also went to get movie tickets, guess wat movie i chose for baby and me?


It's a good show (rating : 3 of 5) ..not gonna spoil it for u guys, but if ur interested to are some links ;-)

Percy Jackson the Movie
this site is interesting as you'll get to dwnload desktop wallpapers and stuff like that, and they even have a small game for u to "discover ur power" - so of course this is like the main percy jackson site :D

Percy Jackson in imdb
Our usual 'go to' site of imdb when it comes to movie :D

After the movie, baby and I walked around, hanged out in popular for abit and all (btw, charis and aliza watched all wells ends well...check out their blogs for what they think about the movie :D) We ended up in Fullhouse for a drink, and we bumped into Charis and Aliza =,=ll

After the 'tea', we ate in the Korean restaurant near the ice skating ring~ :D

**pictures take will be uploaded later, as i dun have my phone cable now~

I enjoyed me valentine date a lot lot
♥ u baby!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Funny Monday Happenings~

Fermented Tofu~
Ms.G was teaching us something about Cognitive Dissonance today. it's about how persistency in doing something an individual don't like would soon be instill as a habit or come to like it.

Then she went on to tell us about her personal experience with Fermented Tofu, she said that it smelt like she started with...

" My very first shit. I was in *insert country name*,and my friend insisted i should try this wonderful food. From afar, i could smell it, and i looked as if as though a piece of shit is coming towards me, and it is VERY BAD. - And i have to eat the shit."

=,= omg, her description of the fermented tofu should be heard 1st hand, it would be more hilarious...For those who are wondering wat fermented tofu is 'chou tofu' in

credits : here

credits : here

and ofcourse, the fermented tofu don't look this nice by the road side stalls =,=ll

credits :Here

Kit Kat

Charis has been trying to be funny today :p
Lol...i took out at two piece Kit Kat, and told her

KY: Let's share.
Charis: OK.

**after awhile**

Charis: Kar Yee, am i suppose to open this?
Kar yee: Duh! den ? how to share? you finish the wrapper, den i eat the chocolate?
charis : How i know wor~ O.o
Kar Yee: =,=lllll

see~ funny ite? :D

btw, have u seen this much of flavours on KIT KAT?! @,@

credits :Here

there is more Here

Tribute to Laika :-)

Credit of picture :

Laika is the first Astronaut dog that has been send to space. We learned a little about Laika in pet behaviour studies today, and it is sad to hear that Laika has been put to sleep afta spending 10 days in space [not sure abt the credibility, as different sites state differently]. The time Laika survived in space is not the issue.The sad part was knowing that Laika might have had a painful death, as life support system was cut off in space...

Laika has been sacrificed for the development of SPACE!
and i bet the body is still sumwhere is space floating!
Poor Laika~

We all should love, and treat animals better from now on, as a tribute to Laika who had been sacrificed :-(
It is sad to know that Laika is used for experiment

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Woke up early this morning *yawns* and I mean early, at around 6.40am~ Then i lazed a bit till 7+, and went to the market all the way in Cheras...*sighs*

Before I leave the house, it's important to grab a bite right? there~!
My lovely Kit Kat as me first meal =D (it’s given my neighbour as a souvenir)

Den in the market I have this nice noodle, which I so love, mainly because it’s spicy enough :D

We spent more or less 3 hours around the market area, god knows what my mom was doing, and she kept forgetting to buy stuff. Therefore, we’ve been going in circles around that area =,=ll

The weather is nice today … for laundry…not for mere mortals like you all =p mainly because I’m a devil, so I omit using ‘us’ :D

And so I came home and did some laundry, came home and wash baby and my new clothes :-)

I’ve gotten myself a pair of jeans form ROMP~! Nice colour, I so love it

(p/s : girls, buying clothes for guys = super fun~!)
(psst~! Baby, buy more clothes, coz I wanna go shopping for you with you~ :p)

We had dinner in SEED, mainly cause my mom tagged along, and oh well~ she’s not a great fan of cheese and milk :-(

Some pics~

From top to bottom : SEED cafe menu,restaurant area, entrance to boutique frm rest., and my FISH 'N CHIPS~

Btw, when my mom went to the ATM~ something funny happened~ Check this out.LOL

Why would any1 want to leave the ATM machines open, and set a tripod camera in front of it =,=ll

Super meaningless and funny~

Shout out to Baby: Thank you for the night out~it’s superb! Let’s do it more when …well….when my schedule is less hectic =( Love you~! *loves*