Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ze' Boyfriend Waxing

Lol~ don't get the wrong idea peeps~!
I'm taking the opportunity to blog,since I'm already sitting down with a task, and internet connection, and boyfriend is currently waxing his car (with my brother)

I have so many things going on in my head, and non of them seems possible to be completed *pouts*

1)I have a in class quiz tomorrow, and I understand nuts about the subject.
2)Assignment (brochure) due on Thursday, and I'm only 20% completed.
3)Getting my hair done for CNY, I want to perm it, but apparently my hair is too short atm... *pouts more*
4) I wanna earn loads of money.
5) I wanna improve on Japanese.
6) I'm going to do a 'quote a day' post :D

Owh~ btw, should i start a food blog? or travel blog? or food n travel blog?


edit :

some of the pics that i took when ze' boyfriend (n bro) is waxing :p


Charis said...

Just start a sampat blog!Featuring u in the car! Good idea right?! I noe... So proud of myself!!!

Jaslyn Miki said...

LOl~ cannot lar! need my partner(s) in crime =p