Monday, January 25, 2010


Today's Pet lecture was super dee dupper F.U.N~!
we had a guest lecturer (Dr.S), and he's an expert in animals (maybe only some, i'm not sure :p - but i'll assume that he's just good) Anyways, the main point is... He made lecture today interesting and easy to understand (it is with Ms.C too, but having a guest....FRESH~)

We learned about pet perception today - which is great...wanna know about em? oh well, you juz gotta register and study psychology =p

Some pics of the animal dat Dr.S decided to share with us

Below : Some worms which are food to..

THIS TURTLE~! (or Tortoise, i can't tell em apart:p)

A lil close up of it being vegetarian =D [my camera phone is superb ite?]

Then comes the Hermit Crab! Aliza and Charis held it XD i didn't dare ... guess i'm a coward after all~

Below : sequence of zooming in on the Hermit Crab~ lol

interesting picture :
It's another species of crab call the 'Ghost Crab'...obviously this pic wasn't capture by credit goes to the ...wait a sec..the pic is labelled~ so credit goes there! :D

and then there is the FROG~

Then he proceed to tell us a personal story, where he witness a Rottweiler in the neighborhood bit a small breed dog to its death, the poor owner of the small breed scream at the Rott's owner to do something, and all she said was 'It does not listen to me, my husband is not in'. Everyone stood around to see the death of the poor dog, as no one dares to go near the HUGE rott =( sad isn't it....the Rott manage to attack because the gate was not closed!

Here comes quote of the day:

I : So does the husband get rid of the wife? or the dog?

here's a shout out to my baby!
Thank you for making time today to college just to spend time , and eat lunch with me! Muaks~ <3>

P/S : if ur wondering wat is a it is~

pic from wiki...

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