Saturday, January 30, 2010

'Family Day'?

It's been awhile since i've actually go 'shopping' with my family (minus my sis coz she's all the way in S'gapore *pout* i miss her~! )

Shopping in the sense of really shopping in a shopping complex/mall/ wtv u wish to call it~ i usually hand out during market time? with my family, and u know how much i 'love' the market...smells 'nice and wonderful' and definitely not 'wet'. (heavy sarcasm, if u din notice it already...LOL)

So 2day, mum n dad kinda drag me out (coz i'm not feeling good/well, pms-ing) to help deliver the cookies and to shop for CNY. After all the delivery, we went to OneUtama intially, but the place was so packed, that we could not even get parking. Stupid thing was, we din even parked, but we have to pay to get out =,= anyways, dad decided to go to pyramid~ and we took 1/2 hours too look for parking, and 2 hours to explore half a floor =,=

we had dinner in CANTON-i, and dad suggested to have CNY dinner/lunch der, so that my sister could try it too~ ^^ stupid waiter din give us a nice seat, i couldn't see the night view, but i 4gv him, coz my camera phone died on me anyways :p

We left at 10, wen the shops were closing, my dad jokingly said that we are so capable of shopping as 'we came wen the shops were all open, and shop till the shops are closing' =,=
I din get to buy my stuff though =,= not even a small lip gloss! Grrr~

and den i realize how uneducated/impolite/no courtesy a person/ a bunch of people can be!
we were in the elevator heading to the parking lot, den this family of 3 came in with a baby stroller, and it was quite pack already ( a family of 4 kids + the parents, my family [4 ppl] + a couple+ the family of 3 and the stroller). Then we stopped at a floor, and the 3 friends decided that it was not crowded enough, and just inch in! WTH! it's so rude of them, the poor guy has to push the baby stroller so much to the corner, and the baby was asleep! i mean, can't they just wait for the next elevator? are they that much in a hurry? dey stood so near the buttons, but refuse to hold it for anyone! OMG~ there should be a talk for all this ppl called

"when you are near the elevator buttons, be a nice person and hold the door open when people exit or when they want to come in"

Btw, this is how my hair looks like now~

I know it's messy~ I'm so sorry~ i made the pic smaller so that i won't hurt all ur eyes >,<
this is before~

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