Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dogs get CNY presents tooooo?! @,@

LOL~ my title may seem exaggerating, but it's the truth!
Nowadays, many are willing to spend money (exaggerated amount) on pets, much more than what others spend on children. Well, mainly because pet stuff are rather expensive.

Since it's nearing CNY, everyone wants to look nice rite? Yeap~ u've guessed rite...even the dogs want to look nice =,=

this is my aunt's dog grooming~

and cam whoring afta =) the pink hat~ spanking new!

then my mom decides to be nice and bought Narla ( my own dog) a ball to play with...since Narla doesn't need grooming....

when the ball was 1st introduced to Narla

Then she became protective =,=ll

and the ball never left her side

See! even pets get CNY freebies~ *pout*
I din get mine yet *cries*

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