Friday, January 29, 2010


went on a date today after i got my hair done ( will post up pic of my hair later~ )
felt lazy to go out though, but since i already got dressed~ i my as well go out....
went to Mid Valley & Gardens~ Baby and I walked around aimlessly, as both of us are not shoppers =,=

We had dinner in a spaghetti place after much debate and walking. *pout* he tried to make fun of me by making me walk back n forth to places coz i was on heels! and he din want to eat at food courts coz he said i dressed nice, so i should be eating at some place nice =,=lll

so neways, dis is whr and wat we ate~

below : baby's soup, our waiting number, tables, and the bckground is some drawings in the restaurant...

Below : the nice nice tomato printed tray thingy, our spaghetti~

after eating, we walked around somemore...LOL~
den we went ova to gardens and visit the nice nice art shop which i 4got the anme, and my baby did nonsense so that i can take pics and post on me blog..buahahahahaah~!

pavillion's deco~

and us~!

shout out to baby~
thanks for the nice nice date~njoy it loads..muaks

owh~ btw, orange juice is apparently important to charis wen her anxiety level is 'high' Prof.Aliza came up with another saying....

"Orange juice to Charis is like Cigarettes to Aun"


Charis said...

LIN KAR YEE, your life span too long is it?!

How can you guys compare my ORANGE JUICE to his filthy CIGARETTES?!!!

My drink is healthy and it wont kill me!!!

Aun's one will kill him faster than GOD himself!

Jaslyn Miki said...

it wasn't me~
was ur best buddy Prof Aliza aka Bai Zhe =p

Jaslyn Miki said...
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