Thursday, January 28, 2010

At last~!

One assignment down~! *woot* =D so happy~! I've juz finalize everything, and printed out the 'babie' (cost me a bomb - it's coloured) [and it's spelt babie because baby is only for my bf :D]

I dun think i'm gonna have fantastic marks for this, but i'm juz grateful that it's done, and hopefully... I'll Pass...If u guys are interested, I'll be happy to show u the creation =D

Anyways, have you guys see those funky msg tshirts like 'no money, no honey' or 'I love...*insert text*', check out what i've got ;-)

Oh oh oh~ and i also wanna say sorry to Sarah Loke, coz i made her wait in the foyer for me to eat lunch~ and she had to do the laundry :-( Gomenasai~

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