Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dogs get CNY presents tooooo?! @,@

LOL~ my title may seem exaggerating, but it's the truth!
Nowadays, many are willing to spend money (exaggerated amount) on pets, much more than what others spend on children. Well, mainly because pet stuff are rather expensive.

Since it's nearing CNY, everyone wants to look nice rite? Yeap~ u've guessed rite...even the dogs want to look nice =,=

this is my aunt's dog grooming~

and cam whoring afta =) the pink hat~ spanking new!

then my mom decides to be nice and bought Narla ( my own dog) a ball to play with...since Narla doesn't need grooming....

when the ball was 1st introduced to Narla

Then she became protective =,=ll

and the ball never left her side

See! even pets get CNY freebies~ *pout*
I din get mine yet *cries*

Saturday, January 30, 2010

'Family Day'?

It's been awhile since i've actually go 'shopping' with my family (minus my sis coz she's all the way in S'gapore *pout* i miss her~! )

Shopping in the sense of really shopping in a shopping complex/mall/ wtv u wish to call it~ i usually hand out during market time? with my family, and u know how much i 'love' the market...smells 'nice and wonderful' and definitely not 'wet'. (heavy sarcasm, if u din notice it already...LOL)

So 2day, mum n dad kinda drag me out (coz i'm not feeling good/well, pms-ing) to help deliver the cookies and to shop for CNY. After all the delivery, we went to OneUtama intially, but the place was so packed, that we could not even get parking. Stupid thing was, we din even parked, but we have to pay to get out =,= anyways, dad decided to go to pyramid~ and we took 1/2 hours too look for parking, and 2 hours to explore half a floor =,=

we had dinner in CANTON-i, and dad suggested to have CNY dinner/lunch der, so that my sister could try it too~ ^^ stupid waiter din give us a nice seat, i couldn't see the night view, but i 4gv him, coz my camera phone died on me anyways :p

We left at 10, wen the shops were closing, my dad jokingly said that we are so capable of shopping as 'we came wen the shops were all open, and shop till the shops are closing' =,=
I din get to buy my stuff though =,= not even a small lip gloss! Grrr~

and den i realize how uneducated/impolite/no courtesy a person/ a bunch of people can be!
we were in the elevator heading to the parking lot, den this family of 3 came in with a baby stroller, and it was quite pack already ( a family of 4 kids + the parents, my family [4 ppl] + a couple+ the family of 3 and the stroller). Then we stopped at a floor, and the 3 friends decided that it was not crowded enough, and just inch in! WTH! it's so rude of them, the poor guy has to push the baby stroller so much to the corner, and the baby was asleep! i mean, can't they just wait for the next elevator? are they that much in a hurry? dey stood so near the buttons, but refuse to hold it for anyone! OMG~ there should be a talk for all this ppl called

"when you are near the elevator buttons, be a nice person and hold the door open when people exit or when they want to come in"

Btw, this is how my hair looks like now~

I know it's messy~ I'm so sorry~ i made the pic smaller so that i won't hurt all ur eyes >,<
this is before~

Friday, January 29, 2010


went on a date today after i got my hair done ( will post up pic of my hair later~ )
felt lazy to go out though, but since i already got dressed~ i my as well go out....
went to Mid Valley & Gardens~ Baby and I walked around aimlessly, as both of us are not shoppers =,=

We had dinner in a spaghetti place after much debate and walking. *pout* he tried to make fun of me by making me walk back n forth to places coz i was on heels! and he din want to eat at food courts coz he said i dressed nice, so i should be eating at some place nice =,=lll

so neways, dis is whr and wat we ate~

below : baby's soup, our waiting number, tables, and the bckground is some drawings in the restaurant...

Below : the nice nice tomato printed tray thingy, our spaghetti~

after eating, we walked around somemore...LOL~
den we went ova to gardens and visit the nice nice art shop which i 4got the anme, and my baby did nonsense so that i can take pics and post on me blog..buahahahahaah~!

pavillion's deco~

and us~!

shout out to baby~
thanks for the nice nice date~njoy it loads..muaks

owh~ btw, orange juice is apparently important to charis wen her anxiety level is 'high' Prof.Aliza came up with another saying....

"Orange juice to Charis is like Cigarettes to Aun"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New 'word'


"Bagaikan Aun dengan Pooja"


Non other than *drumrolls*


she's so smart i think she should be a professor! LOL~ professor Bai zhe?
this should be added into the world's proverb

next time we see a love bird/loving couple, we shall all point and say...?

"Bagaikan Aun dengan Pooja"

At last~!

One assignment down~! *woot* =D so happy~! I've juz finalize everything, and printed out the 'babie' (cost me a bomb - it's coloured) [and it's spelt babie because baby is only for my bf :D]

I dun think i'm gonna have fantastic marks for this, but i'm juz grateful that it's done, and hopefully... I'll Pass...If u guys are interested, I'll be happy to show u the creation =D

Anyways, have you guys see those funky msg tshirts like 'no money, no honey' or 'I love...*insert text*', check out what i've got ;-)

Oh oh oh~ and i also wanna say sorry to Sarah Loke, coz i made her wait in the foyer for me to eat lunch~ and she had to do the laundry :-( Gomenasai~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest Lecturer~

Sorry my dear readers who are waiting for this post a.k.a coursemates/friends =)
Don't be angry with me ok? I just came home from jap class and the 1st thing i do? ONLINE to blog, b4 my dear friends kill me :(

here are pictures of some of the interesting learnt in class today thanks to Dr.S~! He is brilliant!

Preserved head of a cat [his cat to be exact]

close up look on the teeth @,@ scary

and..the cute cute guinea pig

some gekko action :p

Below :Cat fetus & the preserved cat head

Below : Heartworm

Below : Tapeworm

Last but not least~


They came in cases like....

we even saw disgusting pictures of croc, monkey, and tiger dissection...due to the pictures not being my property, i do believe it's not appropriate for me to post it here =) trust me thought, it's really interesting. Not only that, we also saw and heard stories about irresponsible pet owners, and non pet owners...ever wonder how hideous a burnt scar/wound of a cat/ dog...If u've seen it, I'll bet u'll think twice before poring the water at them ----> heres out to those that are so cruel!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught in the act!!!

In the GYM~...

Bai Zhe put a can of juice ontop of the mirror!

Just kidding!

Some irresponsible person left it there...tsk tsk

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today's Pet lecture was super dee dupper F.U.N~!
we had a guest lecturer (Dr.S), and he's an expert in animals (maybe only some, i'm not sure :p - but i'll assume that he's just good) Anyways, the main point is... He made lecture today interesting and easy to understand (it is with Ms.C too, but having a guest....FRESH~)

We learned about pet perception today - which is great...wanna know about em? oh well, you juz gotta register and study psychology =p

Some pics of the animal dat Dr.S decided to share with us

Below : Some worms which are food to..

THIS TURTLE~! (or Tortoise, i can't tell em apart:p)

A lil close up of it being vegetarian =D [my camera phone is superb ite?]

Then comes the Hermit Crab! Aliza and Charis held it XD i didn't dare ... guess i'm a coward after all~

Below : sequence of zooming in on the Hermit Crab~ lol

interesting picture :
It's another species of crab call the 'Ghost Crab'...obviously this pic wasn't capture by credit goes to the ...wait a sec..the pic is labelled~ so credit goes there! :D

and then there is the FROG~

Then he proceed to tell us a personal story, where he witness a Rottweiler in the neighborhood bit a small breed dog to its death, the poor owner of the small breed scream at the Rott's owner to do something, and all she said was 'It does not listen to me, my husband is not in'. Everyone stood around to see the death of the poor dog, as no one dares to go near the HUGE rott =( sad isn't it....the Rott manage to attack because the gate was not closed!

Here comes quote of the day:

I : So does the husband get rid of the wife? or the dog?

here's a shout out to my baby!
Thank you for making time today to college just to spend time , and eat lunch with me! Muaks~ <3>

P/S : if ur wondering wat is a it is~

pic from wiki...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ze' Boyfriend Waxing

Lol~ don't get the wrong idea peeps~!
I'm taking the opportunity to blog,since I'm already sitting down with a task, and internet connection, and boyfriend is currently waxing his car (with my brother)

I have so many things going on in my head, and non of them seems possible to be completed *pouts*

1)I have a in class quiz tomorrow, and I understand nuts about the subject.
2)Assignment (brochure) due on Thursday, and I'm only 20% completed.
3)Getting my hair done for CNY, I want to perm it, but apparently my hair is too short atm... *pouts more*
4) I wanna earn loads of money.
5) I wanna improve on Japanese.
6) I'm going to do a 'quote a day' post :D

Owh~ btw, should i start a food blog? or travel blog? or food n travel blog?


edit :

some of the pics that i took when ze' boyfriend (n bro) is waxing :p