Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Moon & Pavilion

It is 2 days before the departure of my darling~ We thought of spending a day together...which of course didn't happen. Because in the end, my parents and my brother came along. Even though they did not tag along for our activities, it just didn't seem right.

Anyways...Baby and I received free tickets!

=D and it was for New Moon, we were just walking around the cinema area, and decided that the queue is too long to do anything. As we were moving out, this woman with a baby stroller stop us, and asked us if we would take the tickets. Her husband was not well, so they couldn't make it. The movie was already starting, I offered to pay her back, but she yeah! free movie!

The movie was rather disappointing, I very much prefer the book (personal opinion). The plot was too slow, the only thing worth seeing in the movie? The abs of the warewolf pack~! Lol~

Above: US in Pavilion =D... I smile funny coz Jackson squeezed my neck

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