Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back from Ipoh~ [day 1 in ipoh]

Hey peeps~ have been real quiet around here huh? *cleans of cobwebs and blows of dust* =D

So...let's see~ nothing much has happen other than I've failed one of my Psychology papers, resit will be on the 15th January, and I am working/hoping/wishing/praying that I will pass. Then again, I might not need to resit *crosses all my fingers and wish that i do not have to* because of some external marking thingy which I did not understand at all =P

Went to Ipoh on Christmas eve, mainly because my aunt and dad has a wedding dinner to attend (one of their customer is getting married)... So they kinda took the opportunity to bring the whole family along to spend time together with my grandma, and also to visit my uncle who is in Ipoh~

Above : Bear Bear Winnie (named by darling) can't wait to start on her 1st out station trip~!

Our plan was actually to meet in the office as Uncle has to get something from there, and my aunt needs to reload the TnG, so dad took mum, aunt and I to reload the TnG while Uncle goes to the office. Guess What?! Aunt accidentally took Uncle's car key with her! and Uncle can't go to anywhere... LOL wat more office =,= so we kinda wasted time, since we have to make a U-turn back to our home to give the key back to uncle.

Our family started the journey 1st due to the different style in driving speed goes slow n steady...and uncle..well let's not talk abt it =D

Our 1st stop was at some rest house, kinda crowded with ppl~

Below : Me~!

Below : My cup of coffee (sucks! )

Below : Overall of how the place looks like

The place hygiene is not the best tht i've see...the 'clean' fork, has a grain of rice stuck in between =(

Reach Ipoh and the 1st thingy we did... EAT~

Below : FOOD~

The restaurant?

On to day II later~

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