Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ipoh (day II)

Day 2 of ipoh~
Started off with buffet breakfast, which is kinda disappointing, as there really isn't much to choose from =( And here are what I had~

and the rest of the day? let's juz let the pics do the talkin =D

we had dinner before we head back to K.L, and here is the place~

no idea why, but i was feeling sick~ this is me at the end of the day~

and not 4getting bear~!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back from Ipoh~ [day 1 in ipoh]

Hey peeps~ have been real quiet around here huh? *cleans of cobwebs and blows of dust* =D

So...let's see~ nothing much has happen other than I've failed one of my Psychology papers, resit will be on the 15th January, and I am working/hoping/wishing/praying that I will pass. Then again, I might not need to resit *crosses all my fingers and wish that i do not have to* because of some external marking thingy which I did not understand at all =P

Went to Ipoh on Christmas eve, mainly because my aunt and dad has a wedding dinner to attend (one of their customer is getting married)... So they kinda took the opportunity to bring the whole family along to spend time together with my grandma, and also to visit my uncle who is in Ipoh~

Above : Bear Bear Winnie (named by darling) can't wait to start on her 1st out station trip~!

Our plan was actually to meet in the office as Uncle has to get something from there, and my aunt needs to reload the TnG, so dad took mum, aunt and I to reload the TnG while Uncle goes to the office. Guess What?! Aunt accidentally took Uncle's car key with her! and Uncle can't go to anywhere... LOL wat more office =,= so we kinda wasted time, since we have to make a U-turn back to our home to give the key back to uncle.

Our family started the journey 1st due to the different style in driving speed goes slow n steady...and uncle..well let's not talk abt it =D

Our 1st stop was at some rest house, kinda crowded with ppl~

Below : Me~!

Below : My cup of coffee (sucks! )

Below : Overall of how the place looks like

The place hygiene is not the best tht i've see...the 'clean' fork, has a grain of rice stuck in between =(

Reach Ipoh and the 1st thingy we did... EAT~

Below : FOOD~

The restaurant?

On to day II later~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

It's been 2-3 yrs since I've skipped going to CF >,<
guess what? CF grew..... It was held in Sunway Convention Center, and it's superb.
(well the sounds system kinda sucked abit during karaoke)

Guess who tagged along!
Bern,Jason,and Khai~ *woots*

Here are some pictures from the event, some picture credits goes to Inu~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wanna be where you are...

Here I go again
Standing in your arms crying
Here you go again
Make me forget everything
You keep me smiling

They say our love is just a phase
That it's just for some days
But I'm going so far
I wanna be where you are
He loves me…
He loves me…

Here I go again
Calling you every day
Here you go again
Make me forget the longing
I love everything that you say

They say our love is just a phase
Who believes that anyway?
Cos' I'm going so far
I wanna be where you are
He loves me…
He loves me…

Here I go again
Standing in your arms crying
It starts all over again
Baby, I love you
I wanna be where you are

~sang by M2M

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Moon & Pavilion

It is 2 days before the departure of my darling~ We thought of spending a day together...which of course didn't happen. Because in the end, my parents and my brother came along. Even though they did not tag along for our activities, it just didn't seem right.

Anyways...Baby and I received free tickets!

=D and it was for New Moon, we were just walking around the cinema area, and decided that the queue is too long to do anything. As we were moving out, this woman with a baby stroller stop us, and asked us if we would take the tickets. Her husband was not well, so they couldn't make it. The movie was already starting, I offered to pay her back, but she yeah! free movie!

The movie was rather disappointing, I very much prefer the book (personal opinion). The plot was too slow, the only thing worth seeing in the movie? The abs of the warewolf pack~! Lol~

Above: US in Pavilion =D... I smile funny coz Jackson squeezed my neck