Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hokano Japaneses Restaurant (ほかの)

After many sunsets :p of eating in "The Coffee Place", we have decided a change! thanks to my darling Jackson, we found~ *drumsroll* HOKANO (ほかの)! LOL
By we...i mean..... Jackson, Jason (my bro), Jessica, Khai Khai and I ~
Btw, Darling found the review here

The Japanese Class Gang (minus darling), usually eats dinner before we go to class. And darling came juz so i can spend time with him~ *grins*

Now....Picture time!

Below : Khai's Salmon

Below : my Teriyaki Chicken Set

Below : Darling's Chawanmushi

Below :part of my set~ Salad....and WATER~(みず)!

Below: Jess,Jason, and Jackson ate the same thing..which is Chicken Katsu Don~

Below : the interior of the restaurant

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