Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Presents :-)

Birthday presents is a must for BIRTHDAYS~! :p

Below : Overall

Below : Some~

Bottom : Presents from bracelet from Natarii, Couple photo frame from Alyssa, and one of the many presents from the AKUMAs'

Below : Presents from AKUMAs - 2 packs of chocolates *drools*, a nice n meaningful cup, and a cuuuuuuuuute card.

P/s: My brother ate 80% of the toblerone chocolate, i hide it in my room, and he nicely stole em~!

Bottom : a present from my ex-colleague, Jac

Below : Ang pau from relatives

Below : Present from Dodo and Thomas gor~! :p

credits :

more info: Here

What did my darling get for me????

A new NOKIA Phone~!
more info: Here

Thank you everyone for the nice nice and fabulous present, love each one of em~ ^^
Special thanks to dodo and thomas gor for the surprise and the awesome printer, and Darling Jackson for the awesome phone,.....Love it very very x100 much!

all pictures (exclude those i credited) are taken by urs truly, using darling's present...thank u~! Muah muah~!

Btw, my new handphone is the awesome black :-)

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