Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Post ^^ (10.10.2009)

Hey everyone~! Sorry for the late updates in everything :p

One at a time, ya~! Birthday post!
Hmm...let's see, i would like to thank everyone who spend time wishing me or celebrate with me, or even thought of me on my birthday. And thanks for going through all the trouble of getting me presents.... :-) I love em all, big or small ....hehe...

First of, my dear sister (dodo) and thomas gor came back frm S'gapore as a surprise. But truth be told, i kinda expected it...hehe..coz my family kinda gave me tons of hints! grams told me to sms/msn dodo for some dvds, mum asking someone to clean my room, bed sheet changed....But i kinda ignore all this hints coz i thought...
'couldn't be lar...not something big also....dodo is not free' But she took the time to come home...and i really really appreciate it.

My celebration? None~
Hehe...Just had a simple (yet expensive) dinner with family.

Pictures time~!

Below : the restaurant where we ate in - The Cube, Jaya One

Below: Deco of the restaurant

Below : My B'day cake

Below : the table...(exclude me n jackson :p)

Below: more of the dinner ^^

Below : Darling and me before dinner

After dinner~
Dodo say i should go drinking, coz i'm of legal age...
But i've already started drinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the legal age :p
Juz not so much in public =p

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