Friday, September 25, 2009

Lynn Lynn ;-)

Just came back from my grandparent's house in cheras - send my grandpa home from HUKM. we got there just in time to take him home, he was half way 'checking out' of the hospital wen we arrive.

Earlier this afternoon, the AKUMAs held a farewell lunch for Lynn, our dearest,most kind president =) I had so much fun talking and laughing, and cam whoring, but it was very sad just to say goodbye. Right now we're planning to see her off in the airport 2moro....early in the morning. kinda arranging transport to get to the pick up point >.<

I wish her all the best, and :)
Earlier last week, my cousin sister, wen left also :( and now is lynn lynn's turn *wuwu* I miss everyone! Please please be safe and come back to see me! lol~

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