Monday, August 17, 2009

Very First Day of PSYCHOLOGY~!

I have to seriously get use to getting up early again. After two months of sleeping till 8+ every morning, i find it really tiring to start waking up at 5.45am all ova again.

Anyways, my english today was cut short to 1 hour instead of 2. We did nothing much today except ice breakers. After break was where the dreadful part comes, 4 hours of LULLABY~! The room was really cold, and the seats are comfy, with the combination of the monotonous, and soft voices I'm actually proud that i manage to NOT fall asleep.

This have to be on for 14weeks?! can u believe it? How am i gonna survive?
I hope i'll make it, won't want to disappoint anyone with my results.

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