Friday, August 28, 2009

Trip over the weekend

I skipped lecture today! for the 1st time! @.@ I'm a criminal now?!
LOL....yesh~as usual, overreaction :p

Because of the long weekend, my family decided to go back to Kuantan for some family occasion. Left at 11am from Sun-U, and reach Kuantan at around 3+, almost 4.

Here are some pics to share....

Below : Scenery on the way to Kuantan, and Happy in the car...she's been good :-)

Above : We stopped by Mesra, as dad was tired.....

Above 2 : our 1st stop in McD's for lunch ^^

Above : My dinner

I realize that eating in Kuantan could be expensive too *pout*
I skipped the home cooked meal, cause i was still feelin full. So, dad brought me out for dinner~

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