Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching up~

LOL~ the title may seem misleading...but seriously, catch up with two college buddies today...sarah n bibi, coz we went to gym!

woke up at 6am today, and kinda roll in bed until 7? Hey! u can't blame me, who wants to wake up in the mornin for exercise?! @.@

So anyways, i receive a sms frm Bibi, askin me to go collect her contacts and she left it at home. Worst case scenario, i dunno the way into her house >.< SO made some arrangement, her cousin bro drove her contacts out to the nearby oldtwn white coffee and waited for me. Den wen i passed toll, i gave Sarah 23 miss calls, coz she did not pick up my call and i'm sppose to get her! Grrr.....! LOL~

So neways, i left for gym, and arrived juz in time for my session. Bi accompanied me until 10+ and sarah only showed up after my session. Had to drop bi back in college, as she was already late for class. Den went back to pyramids to settle sarah's membership, and well, tend to some of my business. den we went to TOAST BOX for lunch, but in fact it was my official bfast :p

here are some pics~!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The World's not Just a fairytale

Reality is harsh, life is not just like any fairytale - 'happy ever afters',like MANY is this world wish that it could be.

Just recently, I saw an ad on T.V, and it hit me that even small lil children have to face this harsh reality. 4 years old Charmaine has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and everyone is keen on helping her raise funds..

Please lend a helping hand if you could, visit


We may not have happy endings, but the least we could do is provide love and care to people who needs them. The most important thing in life, is to make life worthwhile, not finding the happy ending that we wish for, and bringing happiness to ones life, makes life worth living ^^