Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Khai's birthday BBQ & Jaeme Jared's fullmoon lunch

13.06.09 - Khai khai's Birthday BBQ

My aunt held a BBQ party for my dear cousin's birthday over at her house. Initially the party was sppose to be on the 12th which is the exact date of his birthday, but something came up in her office, so she had to postpone it.

It's his 13th birthday this year~ hope he enjoyed the party. He's officially a TEEN now! LOL~
After the party and the clean up, some of us stayed back to chat a bit, mostly the youngsters.... Joshua, Alison, Jess, my cute wen wen, myself and khai khai.... Wen wen and I shared a red wine, and khai had his own. After that Jason and my darling Jackson joined us. My face was no doubt red due to the wine, but you guys should have seen Uncle.K's face!

neways....below was the birthday cake that we have all ate up...

14.06.09 - Jaeme Jared's Fullmoon Lunch in CUBE@JayaOne

Woke up late that morning, after all the washing up. Dad sent Jackson to the lrt station, den we head over for the lunch function.

Well.....don't ask me how am i related to this baby..coz i seriously have no idea, it's rather complicated....let's see.... Aunty Kim is supposingly my mum's cousin... So i guess that makes Jaeme my cousin? honestly don't know

the venue for the function was as i mentioned....a restaurant called CUBE in JayaOne (i like the starbucks and coffeebean there :p) The atmosphere of the place is not bad, the food was ok...but the best part? i get to see cute kids~!

Below : is the venue...part of it to be exact

Below : Table setting , and my tea~Below : Guest of the table~
Below : Chinese tradition to give cigar, if the child is a boy
lastly, a pic that i combined~


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