Saturday, February 21, 2009

Safe n Sound Workshop ;-)

So far (in year 2009) i guess this is the most tiring Saturday I've had *sniff sniff*
Woke up at 6.20am den i waited for B to come, so we could go back to college together for our SAFE N' SOUND WORKSHOP in short self-defense workshop lor :p

B came at around 7.40am? (kinda din check the time) But since it's a Saturday morning, so less traffic.....arrived college in about say.....15 mins? We waited in the car lot awhile den we prank called Rara sayin B is sick-cannot drive-I'm sppose 2 get her- but has not shown up yet :p

We're oscar winning actresses! :p (voice actress to be exact)

Anyways despite us callin, rara still came in late! Grrrr.....
The workshop was fun~ Victor (instructor of the day) taught us a lot. We've learn not to under estimate our SLAP~ hehe...he told us to practice slappin on our boyfriends, and annoying lil brothers ^_^

Den we learn to use our forearm,elbow,knee,and kick~! Well, we were taught to use other stuff as well. It all ties up to the 1-5 steps ;) it's fun,Fun,FUN~! but tiring.

Workshop ended at 4.10pm, rushed home coz have to go to Cheras for Mama's bday dinner. B had to attend a dinner too *pouts*

Dinner was ok only....din enjoy it much.....

After dinner, we were sitting around *rolls eye* as usual.

den my aunt....

Aunt : K.Y, you know ar M.G (my younger cousin bro) say he want gf like u nxt time.
K.Y : @.@ huh?!
Aunt: He say ur very cute, he wants a gf like u.
K.Y : @.@ *blinks blinks* ok.

** took pics in the workshop with B's handphone~ will upload it once i get it *winks*

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