Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blacked OUT~!!!!!!! *Shrill screaming*

Arrrrrrrrrrgh~ D**n it~!

Today in IB period,it started raining bloody heavily...with slight thunder and lightning... I didn't end up screaming or panicking thanks to the small window on the door being covered with A4 paper.... So i can't see the lightning, therefore, not afraid :p ...UNTIL~ The stupid black out! You see what happened was, there was a loud thunder and BOOM! Lights out....den on the wall stuck a beautiful GLOW IN THE DARK FREAKING SKELETON! (before IB, my classroom is used for bio) Damn it~! I almost scream out loud, but manage to keep calm...den K (one of my new friends) decide to scare me further by lighting up her face with the light from her hp =_=ll

Anyways~ today was kinda a short period day cause we have to meet up with our teacher advisors for our so called mid term results...... My results? 2As and 1B...not really happy with the B though....My pop quiz result pulled my % down *pout* As for IDC and IB, and B for OB.

Damn tired~

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