Wednesday, January 07, 2009

first day of 2nd sem in CIMP

first subjects...i have Period 3 IDC, Period 5 OB (business management), and Period 6 IB (international business). Guess what? 1st day of IB...and i have homework!

Greatest nonsense! I miss my 1st sem life *cries*

It's really no fun to be stuck with these 2 OB and OB lecturer is not exactly the nicest person i known, coz she told us some rumours about her today
and my IB? well...I'm a stranger to that class....

*wails~ * This sem SUCKS!

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Rara said...

my dear lou gong,
Dun be so sad lar..if you want to be sad, think of me~I have 4 subjects ard. It's worse. Plus I like to be lazy..hehe. =p TRust me, OB is fun, but not sure bout IB. I'm struggling as well. Let's ganbatte ba! =D