Wednesday, September 03, 2008

>.< Syupid Connenction!

Grr...I'm so pissed with my Internet connection...or more precise..the INTERNET EXPLORER~! It's not functioning well...refuse to load, and gmail! how m i to check my mail den??? Stupid rite???? Rite,rite,rite?

Ok~! So i at last manage to load this page, and duh I'm going to blog! Yay~!
Actually wanted to update yesterday....(honest! i really wanted to) BUT the Internet explorer refuse to load any page associated with Google or something like that...damn it!

So neways~ I had Families Quiz last Friday on...what's the topic again??? Erm...... Oh ya...Research our results yesterday..had a 21.5/22 (which is equivalent to 98%) was not satisfied with the result marks has been deducted for no particular reason (to me it's not necessary to deduct) as...the question goes ' Please Define the Following' and so i did...I gave a perfect definition of the term....and Ms.Tricia minus my marks for not GIVING EXAMPLES~! Like Hello? It's defining....the meaning of the damn word...not the example for it! grr...anyways...Had another quiz yesterday on FAMILY LIFE CYCLE...this time she's real quick with our paper back today.and guess how i did? a perfect score of 100%! Yay~! My 1st 100% score paper! all this while..I've been missing either 0.5 or 1 mark to the perfect last.a perfect paper (getting dramatic here :p)

So..Anyways...I'm suppose to be doing my notes for Families presentation, but darn...MR.KELVIN LEE has not given me d link to the notes yet! Msg-ed him on MSN.and guess what? No reply! :@ Grr...guessed it's his connection again probably?

Argh!!! I'm going to go crazy! Atashi no otoutou just stole my drawing and coloured it with colour pencils! HORRIBLY~! He tortured my drawing *hides in a corner and sulk*

So anyways...i gtg....continue MY OWN research as kelvin is not here to provide me with links *pout*


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