Monday, September 01, 2008

Stress Lvl : High

As Kelvin has mentioned in my 'shoutbox' and myself has notice that I've not been updating for I am updating my Royal Place. *smiles in satisfactory*

I'm going to have 2 papers tomorrow... Test for MDM, and Quiz for Families..and my preparation work? Sucks like H**L! (fill in the blanks^_^) And then...2moro I'll have Xtra class for ENG....(for discussion for our previous test paper - which i suck at) and I'll have the Unit 1 Exam on Friday! (aren't u happy for me??? [sacarstically asking]) Don't bother answering that question.

You know...currently I'm having figures and words flying through my head..but nothing about stuff i want to blog about.that's weird....Kar Yee is running out of topic! Do something...!

Okay..let's start with my day today..

Once upon a morning...i woke up and brush my teeth....Blek! no.....
*editing in progress*

Today is a public holiday, so no classes...i had Kah Mern and Natalie come over for 'group study' much for studyin...we laugh for the entire 3 hours! Nat-chan, was busy grabbing my stuff...frm anime to manga...and she 'played' with my softtoy...which..both Kar Mern and I thinks it's rathe obscene! I manage to finish TGG exercises, and Kah Mern manage to edit her personal essay (after much pastering by me and Nat-chan she has decided to publish it!) So...better 'something' than 'nothing' ~ ne?

Oh Btw, i just got my internet connection today! *celebrates*
Ok I'm done with 'updating' ...i seriously need to get back to my studies...I'll do a proper update 2moro ya?

Minna-san, Oyasuminasai~ *bows*

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