Friday, June 20, 2008

My 'sleeping' partner ^_^

Hmmm...i brought him along on the Johor trip, I need to hold on to him in order to sleep, in fact he can be replace by others in queue at home, *laughs* i know i sound evil, but hey that's the truth...took some pictures of him on the way to Johor..and ofcoz in bed too...

In the car on the way to Johor ^^

I think he's getting car sick ^^"

Trying out the bed

Annoyed by the clicking sound of my camera

Who is that?! My son! ^_^ I call him cow cow ^^ hahaha..what were u thinkin when i say sleeping partner???? He's 5 years old this year..cute rite???

Ok...more pics from some resthouse that we stop by on the trip

Last but not least..more clouds :p

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