Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello again everyone~! (not that there is a lot of ppl visiting my blog :p)

Nothing much happened over the weekend..I'm still surviving. Went back to work on Saturday, then pick up my friends on the way home to have dinner at my place, and 'yam cha' session later on. Meet up with an old friend...^_^ our 'yam cha' session was filled with laughters, and something else *winks*

My Sunday, was as boring as ever, woke up, walk the dog, do some reading, and then....done some of my office work...then photoshop! *laughs* was going through my albums and decided that some pictures need some touch here u go!

I think I hv an obsession with taking pictures in Pavillion...something there just attracts *laughs* these pictures were taken during the CNY.

Below : Some CNY deco at the place....

Below : one of the many walkway in Pavilion

Below : Some restaurant which i don't recall the name :p

That's all for now... ^_^ TTFN~!

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