Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boring ~~~~ -_-ll

Hmm..i know,i know, I did not update for sometime....again.Sowry.Mianhae.Gomenasai.Nya~I'm still stuck in my this hour! so u can imagine how boring life is -_-ll...You know is such a funny thing, how ppl fall in love with idols...just like this idiot ere (points at self) hahaha..not exactly in love..but what do you call that...infatuation??It's like, you would like to see that person every minute..maybe second of the day,even the picture itself is enough,even the slight mention of his name just light up my day.So...i sppose tht's infatuation.Just then, i was surfing the net,and was reading sum of the forum articles. I stumble upon a page that was about the kpop group that i like, dbsk. They were in Paris not long ago, and some fangirls manage to catch a glimpse of dbsk in person (how lucky of them)haihz...the way they talk about the! If it's love, definately i will feel jealousy of sum sought, but i didn' i sppose again it's infatuation...yup yup! I know i must be making u guys feel extreme boredom. but sorry, nothing much to spazz about at the moment.. ^_^ gtg.bye.

p/s :btw, the pic above is taken by my sis during her visit back here, and we were in Aquaria,KLCC ^_^Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Shark.

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