Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie Weekend ^_^

Let's see, as you see in the title...^_^ i have a movie weekend! well to be precise, movie sunday, I watched Harry Potter in the cinema at 3:20pm then i visited Speedy to look the dvd 200 pounds beauty. Unfortunately the dvd is not available yet, and i can't wait for it, so I've settle dwn with the vcd instead. Went home and watch it with my parents and my otoutou, It's a very nice show, if i were to rate it frm scale 1-5, I'll rate 4.999999 ^_^hahaha...seeming that nothing it's perfect, so i'll leave d 0.11111. So yup! it's a rather touching movie and hilarious at sum point...but i cried like no1s business, i was sitting in between my mum and dad,and i can't reach the tissue box, so i wipe the tears with the back of my hand. In the end my mum can't stand me crying, she throw the whole tissue box at me...and my otoutou,he kept on telling my parents that 'it's raining heavily' yup! watch the movie if u haven't worth watching!

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