Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Headache ñya!!!'s been a long time since i've posted ^_^ so here i am even if i'm having a headache .....hmm..let's see, recent'ly I've just watch transformer! It's a great show! i highly recommend it ^_^. N just the other day we had BBQ bday party for aunt yup! Happy belated birthday yee!and then...way way before my aunt's bday was Ouji's bday (my sweetheart ^_^) yup yup...a very belated happy birthday to her too. Hmm..this year i'm goin to miss bon odori *pout* as i hv no transportation goin there..haihz..otousan is not around to fetch me *cries* nvm..they will be bon odori again next yr',i'll go then. hmm...let's see what else? oh! I'm goin to learn driving soon...i sppose...tht's wat otousan told i'll just wait and see ^_^ yup! tht's all for now...i'll see if i can upload sum pics of my aunt felin's bday jya.!*waves*

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