Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello Again^_^

Hi hi! Ok ok...i kw, i broke my promise, i did not post yesterday.But you can't blame me! I was loaded with work yesterday and most probably today the 1st thing in the morning was to post ^_^ know Hello Again is a song sang by my current fav band called dong bang shin ki, it's a new song in their album~kya~and it's nice.Well, nuthing much happen recently, not that it's interesting or anything... still planning for Langkawi, the outcum is slooooooooooow. Can't decide on a fix date yet. -_-ll it really that hard to organize a trip together with friends? No >.< dame...!it's not tht hard,I'll prove it by making things work! ok ...i beta go...start work -_-ll have a nice day ahead! Hwating!

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