Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Week

Ello everyone!
Did u guys miss me? I guess not. haihzzzzzz....another week has past, as usual nothing unusual happen to me. So yup, Life is fine. Hmm...looking forward to the gathering of my old schoolmates this saturday!! ^_^Yipee! I miss them sooooo much, u can't imagine how much is tht. Practically, i think we meet once a month..well..almost...and everytime we hv to find excuse for it. let's see...january was new yr,feb was valentines,march was...oh ya...celebration for jess and me for getting a job,april too no outing,now May is Yuki's bday !! Happy Bday in advance!hmm..what else?nothing...just posting bcoz i've not been posting for awhile. so yup! posting to let u ppl kw that i'm still alive ^_^so hope u guys will have a nice and smooth flowing u DODO!oh ya...and happy belated Mothers'day to all mothers is the world.

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