Monday, April 02, 2007

Successful Outing! ^-^ *puuuur*

Nya nya~how is everybody's weekend? Fun?Tiring?Boring? Mine was super entertained ^_^ hahah...I had my old schoolmates outing last saturday nite...we met at around 5+ and the outing last till 10+ hahaha....u could imagine all the laughter and noise...^_^ and not to mention my lollipop from Rye~nya...whom knows vry well how to spoil me! yup yup...dinner was fun..we had Dominos pizza...i din eat much though..was not feeling too well ...must be too much of laughter..oh well, but it's so much fun - - -brings back the memories when we were in school as usual the inu and the 'kerusi' was teased and made fun off like nobody's business...1 ) they're nice to play/tease 2) because both of them were the latest to arrive ^_^ i kw all of u are goin to say that the ouji is the last to arrive but she arrive late with the most reasonable reason. - - - > KENDO*ouch* so... yup yup...and i hope u guys will be expecting my INVITATION CARD end of this yr ~-^...ttfn

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