Thursday, April 12, 2007

PC Fair!~nya

Haihz....2moro is PC FAIR! and i dun want to go!!!!^^ i dun mean i dun want to attend, i just dun like working in pc fair..can u imagine the crowd?! and u kw i hate them...and i have to work in the CROWD! i'm goin to get step on..and get elbow by ppl! grr....and most of all i want to attend TVXQ FC gathering!!!! Shit~! how can i miss it!!!! Argh!!!!!! so geram....i want to go! earlier i tried asking the mod if i can attend ltr...they say no....then i din ask to go on they say can! but 2moro is PC fair more time to apply leave de...argh!!!!*pulls hair*

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