Friday, April 20, 2007

Meeting! >.<

First to whoever tht has supply me with this pic....>.<>.< Just came out frm meeting...and it's 8:10pm liao...dead tired and stress and hungry and the salesppl are still in the god! how long more is it goin to take, ^_^ but it's ok...bcoz i'm looking forward to next week! Langkawi here i come! ^_^ I'm goin to langkawi next saturday -- - complany trip ^-^ yay! *cheers* hahaha...beach!!sunset and surise! next view! *drools* not to mention food! will let u guys kw abt my trip ya? post pics too (if it's nice tht is) ok ok? I promise i will.....hopefully i can get good pictures of the beautiful i'll be going off...need the restroom badly....bye bye

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