Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loooooooooong Week!

Yo yo everyone! Howz life?! ^-^ good news? I survive PC Fair! hahaha -_-ll I't was rather fun,turns out i din hv to attend for 3 days, i was only day for the last 2days, rather enjoyable-meet a few of my comp. dealers there and as usual their staff * roll eyes* like nv see girl before -_-ll not to be mean...but 'mulut sgt byk' then there is this annoying fella frm the opposite booth who won't leave me alone...he even went as far as to show me his stupid phone and claim tht i look like his ex-classmate who is obviosly a malay girl tht does not look a bit like me! then on the last day, he shout frm hi booth to my booth and wanted to gv me 'free' stuff...he hold on to tht thing like wanna gv the dun wanna gv then in the end i tak layan...he leave it on the stupid table...-_-ll but learn alot in this fair at the vry least i can explain about our comp. product in the future^_^neways those who are free kindly leave a comment on what u think abt the pic.Jya.

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