Monday, March 26, 2007

Yo! 1st day of the week^-^

Good Morning everyone!^-^ the mood to be hyper today...but actually i'm dead tired.At last...My kakak is back from indonesia...i went to LCCT to pick her up yesterday it's like a disaster....-_-ll i stood there for 45 mins waiting for her to come out from the custom!....before that...her flight delayed 2 times...they retimed the flight 2 times...allow me to stress the TWO. Can u imagine me ...standing there for 1 whole hour ++ my high heals...*ouch* now to mention it.. i think i hurt my leg in the process of walking to the toilet ...bcoz i was too busy body looking at sum subaru car....*drools* when i walk i have to make sure i dun stress on my right leg too much..and my back hurts! i sound like sum old granny...ok..better get back to work! All of u have a nice day ahead! if ur reading this that is.

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