Friday, March 23, 2007

Still in the office

Hi hi! Yup it's 7:41pm and I'm still in the office....doing bits of work and surfing the net at the same time and not forgetting blogging! hahahaha ^_^ Let's see what i have to say today, instead of wondering what to eat for lunch in the office....My colleague and i went out to 1U to to rush back to work also...but 1U got more we went there..since it's a Friday, so..yup longer lunch hour. Tried the food court there, trust me the curry's not spicy + 'the soup is too thin -_-ll I truly believe ''my darling'' cook better curry than them. let's see....ltr in the evening, i was inform that the DVD that i ordered arrive..yay! i get to see/hear my fave group! ^-^dbsk!dbsk!dbks! FIGHTING! i say yesterday...i will intro u all to Micky YooChun; Park YooChun of DBSK....He's got a very nice voice...especially when he speak with the whispering voice....*melts* but i still like YunHo better....but i must say that all 5 of them are very talented...I'm confident that they are sucessfull today,not because of their looks but their talent in expressing themselves through their singing and dance's just coincidence that they're good looking as well ^_^ yup yup....So yup, the pic above is Micky YooChun...he has some aura around him that just screams classy and at the same time he can pull off a playboy role.^-^ well that's all for now...I think i will talk about the cute and bubbly Xiah JunSu stay tune...^-^( i feel like a tv prog host all of a sudden)

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